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Expanding My Horizons

As a business student, I wanted to use the summer explore a different industry that could supplement my Babson business education. Since technology is becoming increasingly important to the future, I have decided to expand my skills in software development and computer sciences. To do this I have chosen to work with Horizons School of Technology, in San Francisco this summer.

My first week was a week of absorbing information, asking questions, and working endless hours to understanding information that was very foreign to me. Along with this, a major goal during my first week was to learn about each my teammates, and mentors, on a personal level. Each of these people are all accomplished and have gone through experiences that I could have never dreamed of. Hearing their stories has taught me just as much as the content of my work. The first week of this job followed the same pattern as many of my other jobs, where it tends to be the busiest week because there is so many new people to meet, new things to learn, and so much to explore, but this is what makes it the best week as well.

There is many more weeks to go in my internship, and many more stories to come. Stay tuned to hear about the whirlwind of a summer that is about to occur.