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Summer in the City…or Wherever Your Summer Experience Leads You

Another rigorous semester comes to an end and our students are off and running for the summer.  Many have secured internships, are continuing their classes, studying in the US or abroad, traveling the globe, working in the neighborhood, or pursuing their passions.  These diverse opportunities provide skills/competencies and character building for our students as they continue on the journey to career readiness. These various experiences, explorations, and career connections all facilitate experiential learning that influences our students’ next steps.  Encourage their active engagement and constant questioning to learn from those experiences and that of others – no matter what they are doing.

The summer is not only a time for career exploration, but in recent years, it has now become an extremely busy time of year for employer recruiting.  That’s right, companies are seeking the best and brightest talent and, as such, are driving earlier application deadlines, for both full time and internship opportunities for next June.  In some industry sectors, they have application deadlines as early as mid-August running through early September.

I do believe that our students need some down time after a busy year at college, but many companies are recruiting and want to use the summer to identify the best talent.  To that end, the Undergraduate Center for Career Development wants to ensure our students seeking opportunities (full time and internships) in Finance, Accounting and Consulting, are fully prepared and ask for students to watch for our outreach via email, with specific information about company deadlines.  Encourage your students to complete their profiles in our career portal, Handshake, clearly articulating their career interests, industry and function preferences.  Please urge your students to stay – or get -connected to the specific career advisor managing their industry sector.  There are opportunities for engagement with companies via webcasts and / or networking receptions throughout the summer months, for ALL class years.

The Undergraduate Center for Career Development is open all summer – we are here even though they are not!  The Team meets with students on campus and virtually; email, telephone, Skype, and Google Hangout.  We want to inform and support our students to ensure that they best represent their skills and experiences, demonstrate competencies, meet application deadlines and, ideally, are the selected applicants.  We appreciate your support and encouragement for those students who express interest in the early recruiting that takes place in Finance, Accounting and Consulting.