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The Next Generation

April is always an exciting month for Babson; along with the tease of warmer weather, us Beavers have a GoogleCalender packed to the brim with the onset of formal season, spring concert, and the summer internship hunt. This year, Babson’s keystone accepted students event, LaunchBabson, has brought new blood to campus. I was lucky enough to have a younger friend from my high school reach out and let me know she would be attending this year’s event that has solidified so many students’ decision to choose Babson. When she asked me for a gauge of the academics/social life on campus, it took some reflection time. I’ll be as honest with her as any other incoming students about some pros and cons I have learned since my time at Babson-

Pro: Community is our foundation. We are such a close knit group of people; through thick and thin we know we will still always be Babson alum at heart and that is a huge bonding factor. Although many factors come into play for such an ambitious group of people, at the end of the day we all know we would choose to have a Babson student working for our company or as company in any social setting. I got this feeling especially during this weekend’s Spring Day/Spring Concert when the warm weather brought out all the students to hang out and BBQ outside and check out some cool rides and music. Being able to bring together the community on a day like that is what makes me grateful to be part of such a small but mighty team of people.

Con: It isn’t for everyone. I will be very honest about this one because I truly believe it. There’s a reason Babson is so selective, and it’s because it takes a very ambitious person to attend this school. The Babson student is driven in academics, career, and the social realm and wants to make some real change in the world. LaunchBabson is all about impact, which is reflected on a daily basis on campus anyways. I told her, as with any perspective student, to be ready for tough academics, a varied social scene with everything from cultural organizations to Greek life, and unparalleled career services. This tip seems like it should be a pro, but being prepared is part of how Babson students ace things like interviews for their dream job, so being prepared for this Babson mindset is vital for a rewarding time here.

Pro: Incredible international pride, I’m not kidding. The most shocking thing for me when getting here as a bright eyed, bushy tailed freshman was our thriving international population. 23-30% of the students aren’t domestic, and even more have lived or spent time abroad. As I get ready for a SECOND semester abroad, my friends joke that “I must really hate Babson” to spend so much time away, but it’s actually the opposite. I would never have imagined spending one (Berlin was first), let alone two semesters in two vastly different places. Having made friends who love travel and culture here has inspired me to get out there and see the world as well as connect with my own heritage- Hong Kong is my motherland and having the opportunity to spend time there practicing my Cantonese and do things my dad growing up, that’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Con: Get ready to not want to leave. Ironically enough, part of me doesn’t want to leave this campus I now call home for the coming semester. Among this month’s blur of student activities, graduation is also approaching, meaning saying goodbye (for now) for some of the closest friends and mentors I have made here. Seniors are getting ready for their last hurrah, but between the ever rotating friends who are going abroad and taking a semester off, students here rarely have a typical college timeline.

Pro: Choose Babson! My time here has complimented immense personal growth in every aspect of my life and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Spoiler alert: my friend chose Babson and will be joining the class of 2021! I’m so excited for her and her new life here as she joins a new class of students ready to change the world.