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PCA-Led Etiquette Event

This post was written by PCA Gyda Sumadi ’18

Trim Back Dining Room, April 19th from 5pm to 6pm

Why is Etiquette Important?

We are all in business to be successful and we live in an image-driven society. Employers will hire those who can best represent their brand and company image. As more business has switched to face-to-face interactions, dialogue over food is now the norm. Therefore, as an aspiring business professional, you need to be comfortable in all situations involving food and drink.

Food has now become part of the interview process and is a key factor in differentiating you from other candidates. Employers are looking to select candidates based off of their table manners. If you are not evaluated on this through the interview process, you will definitely be taken out to lunch or dinner during your first week of employment, to meet you team. Any flaws in your etiquette will be very visible and could affect your opportunity to receive a full time offer, a return internship, or a promotion.

Proper etiquette can help you achieve:

  • Strong client relationships
  • Sales increases
  • Improved confidence and self-image
  • Closing deals
  • Promotions

Unfortunately, not everyone has been properly trained on the correct ways to eat and drink.  This is why YOU need to attend Dining Etiquette 101 on April 19 at 5pm in the Trim Back Dining Room.

What will you learn?

  • How to properly eat an appetizer, entrée, and dessert
  • How to order food, beverages, and dessert
  • How to eat a messy meal (hint: try not to order one!)
  • How to interact with people while you eat/drink

The structure of the event:

  • Student attendees will be preselected to volunteer to be part of the tutorial. They will demonstrate the appropriate etiquette for that session as guided by the PCA while all other attendees will be observing.
  • Once one session is over, then that group of students will become the observers and a new group of students will participate.
  • All students should be able to get experience in at least 1 session. All attendees will get the opportunity to have appetizers at the end of the event as we debrief.

This event is critical for those of you still seeking internships, full-time offers, or who will be seeking in the future. Many interview processes now incorporate many rounds of interviewing and have a food portion to evaluate candidates. Don’t show up unprepared and miss out on a job opportunity because you did not attend this event!

Please register here: https://babson.joinhandshake.com/events/51119