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4 TED Talks That’ll Help You Become a Better Version of Yourself

This post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Anamaria Najera ’17.

Whether we’re looking back on this year or onto the next, we all want to become better versions of who we currently are. 

But how do we do improve ourselves? Maybe it means finding our voice. Or taking risks. Or meeting new people.

Whatever you want to become, you can do it—and here are four of my favorite TED Talks that prove it. For the person who wants to…

1. Speak More Confidently: How to Speak Up for Yourself by Adam Galinsky

How do you know if you can correct your boss? Or, ask for a raise? Or, defend your beliefs? According to Galinsky, a social psychologist, it’s

about power dynamics—and here’s how to figure out where you stand and when you should speak up.

2. Find Their Ideal Lief Path: The New American Dream by Courtney Martin

Is having more better? Doing more? Being more?

Journalist Courtney Martin says that the linear “American Dream” has changed—and shares with us how you should rethink yours.

3. Meet New People: Why Your Should Talk to Strangers by Kio Stark

We interact with people we know all the time—co-workers, managers, clients, friends, family. But how often do we try to interact with people we don’t know?

Kio Stark loves meeting new people—and she’ll explain the surprising emotional and psychological benefits of doing it.

4. Take Control of Their Life: What Reality Are You Creating for Yourself? by Isaac Lidsky

Seeing is believing. You’ve probably heard that phrase a billion times.

But take it from Lidsky, an author and entrepreneur who lost his eyesight early in life, sight isn’t the only way to see the world. In fact, he’d argue that we create our own reality, rather than passively see it. Now go out there and make your own.