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A Successful Weekend

Last week/weekend (Feb 24-26) was pretty eventful on campus. I found myself, balancing time between all of the things one might expect to balance time between in college. First and foremost, my school work. I knew I would have to prioritize time for the assigned homework in my Quantitative Business Analytics course and my group project in Enterprise 2.0, an IT-focused social networking course. These two assignments had due dates for this week, so I made sure to get started on them last week, anticipating the busyness of the weekend. Once sufficient progress was made on my individual work, and all group work and meetings were completed, I moved onto the next item on my weekend agenda: Work. And now, I mean the type you get paid for.

I have the amazing opportunity of interning in the Undergraduate Office of Admissions. I work about 10 hours a week in the office speaking with prospective students and families, and sharing my student perspective of Babson College. This includes conducting interviews, giving information sessions, and assisting with events such as Overnight stays and Preview Days. On this particular Friday, I conducted an information session alongside one of our Admission counselors to about 100 prospective students and families. This is not only a job I love doing, sharing My Babson and Why Babson, but it is also great, translatable internship experience that I am gaining, such as the ability to speak publicly in front of large crowds. And, of course, getting paid to do so is like the cherry on top.

After school work and job work were completed, it was time for some professional networking, at the annual Babson Black Affinity Conference. This was a 2.5 day conference over the weekend for current Babson students, alumni, professionals, and employers to spend time networking: Making new connections, rekindling old ones, and exploring internship and full-time job opportunities. As a senior at Babson, it was a great time seeing friends and faces that graduated, as well as employers from a wide range of industries. Overall, a great experience and highlight to the weekend! Here’s the link to a full blog recapping the conference for more information: http://blogs.babson.edu/news/2017/02/27/babsons-19th-black-affinity-conference-a-rousing-success/

The last major event on my agenda was, of course, the Men’s and Women’s Basketball NEWMAC Championship games. Both teams have been killing the league this year and as a result the games, and campus in general, have been lively in recent weeks. They were both hard-fought games, and although our Men’s team was not able to secure the title against MIT, our Women’s team beat Worcester Polytechnic Institute, becoming D3 NEWMAC Champions! And both teams, due to having amazing seasons (27-2 Men’s, 24-5 Women’s), proceed onto the NCAA Tournament. After recent wins against, Husson and Skidmore for Men’s, and Fordham and Messiah for Women’s, both teams are currently in the Tournament Sweet 16, and so the excitement on campus continues.

Link to NEWMAC Sports News: http://www.newmacsports.com/landing/index

To summarize, there was a lot going on and a lot to be a part of, and through all of it I managed to get work done and have fun. I would call that a successful weekend at Babson!