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Spring Into Internships

This post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Swapnika Yarlagadda, Class of 2019

Internship fairs can be overwhelming. Large crowds, lines and commotion might leave you frazzled. Here are 6 tips to help you spring into your dream internship:

  1. Formulate a plan: While meeting all the 45+ employers seems like an amazing idea, you will be better off by shortlisting the companies that interest you. This will leave you with more time to research about the companies that might be a good fit for you. Industry, size, location etc. are some good metrics to consider. Prioritizing employers, sufficient resumes, time management and an energizing snack will get you through the day.
  2. Dress to Impress: a well-chosen outfit will make you standout in a cluster of people. Employers do pick up on little details, and these details speak a lot about your personality. Remember, first impressions are important.
  3. Always ask for a card: Collect as many cards as you can. You might not see an immediate value but it will definitely pay off. For example, you may end up applying for an internship a couple of months down the line; a direct reference to your conversation with the company representative on your cover letter could work to your advantage. Moreover, sending follow up ‘thank you’ emails is a sign of professionalism and gratitude. If you are unable to pick up the employer’s card, use LinkedIn to research/connect/contact them.
  4. Pitch Perfect: You have successfully completed a year of college and achieved many things along the way. Take some time to reflect on your accomplishments, strengths, weaknesses and areas of interest. This will not only help you prepare your “career pitch”, but will also enhance self-awareness. Ask questions and be concise as you don’t have much time.
  5. Listen to others: don’t waste your time while you stand in line to meet an employer. Observe the employer’s conversations with your peers and execute their subtle cues in your conversation. This will make you feel more prepared and confident. The trick is to listen and simply pay attention.
  6. Enthusiasm is key: You may think you know everything about a company but enthusiasm is what will bag you a good first impression. Demonstrate your interest by being proactive in making conversation and maintaining eye contact. A constant smile is always recommended. But remember, don’t overdo it or under do it – just be yourself.

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