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My Love Hate Relationship with Lists


December is known as the month of peace, joy, giving…and lists. Not an hour goes by where I’m not managing some sort of list to help me get to January. There is my daily Lunder to-do list (I’d take a picture of it but no one, not even me, can decipher my handwriting), my holiday gift list (who has been nice this year?), grocery list, and let’s not forget the year’s end ‘Best of 2016’ lists  which I may or may not  use to procrastinate.

Without all these lists, I don’t know how I would get anything accomplished this month. At the same time, seeing in blue ink all I have to do in these next couple of weeks is beginning to stress me out. I can imagine those you of who are applying to college are feeling the same way. As we creep towards the Regular Decision deadline and those Applicant Checklists loom, you may start to feel a similar love/hate relationship with lists.

That’s why between now and January 3, the Admission team may be heading out on break, but we are busy making sure that you have all you need to hit the Submit button. Over the next 2 weeks look out for tips, hints and encouragement from the Babson community via our website and social media channels. If you want to be a part of the conversation, just tag us at @BabsonAdmission or #Babson2021 on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We’d love to hear from you!

In the meantime, good luck with all YOUR lists (I now get to cross off ‘Write Blog’) and on behalf of the rest of the Babson Admission team, I wish you and your family the happiest of holidays. See you in 2017!