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Final Weeks of Senior Fall

This is my second to last semester at Babson. I chose to overload in credits this semester, taking 4, 4-credit classes and a 4-credit elective abroad course to Chile, totaling a 20 credit semester. I could have done the normal 16 credit semester by taking 3 4-credit classes and doing the elective abroad, or 4 4-credit classes and no abroad trip at all, but that definitely was not going to be the case as I knew going to Chile would be the highlight of my semester. Not only did I experience a new culture, but I also completed an extra 4 credits this semester that I will not need to worry about now during my Senior Spring.

I won’t lie, the load of 5 classes can catch up to you. In these last weeks before the semester comes to an end, the work has ramped up. Of my 5 courses, four of my finals are presentations accompanied by a written report or analysis, and the last final is a paper. The good news is, all of my presentations are before our official “Finals Week”, so I technically have no finals during that week and will be able to go home early. The not so good news, is that these few weeks before the end of the semester has been packed with several project deadlines, so I I’ve been meeting on a daily basis with my teammates for different classes in order to brainstorm, create, and practice our presentations, gather survey information, and write-up executive summaries and reports. It has been tough coordinating my schedule with my teammates schedules from different classes; however, with proper time management I have been able to meet with each team, prioritize activities, and complete 3 presentations so far. I have 1 more to go, and a final paper to write. With more than half of my classes completed for the semester, I feel the Holidays approaching and I am looking forward to going back home.