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Campus Life and Activities

Life at Babson is everything you hear in an admissions meeting and more. As a first-year student, I came to Babson, like many of my peers, ready to buckle down and work hard, but quite early in my time here I heard a lot about the many clubs, organizations, and extracurricular activities that are available for us as students. It was not too long after that I decided to join Babson’s Campus Activities Board (C.A.B.), and this is one of the best decisions I have made at Babson to date.

Joining C.A.B. was somewhat of a win- win for me. Not only was I given the chance to be involved, but I also got the chance to help shape the Babson experience for myself and every other person who decides to be engaged with events on this campus. One of the first things that drew me to Babson’s C.A.B. was my great experience at Spring concert during my first year. That year, C.A.B. brought a double header of Big Sean and the Chainsmokers to perform on the brink of their hit single, “#SELFIE.” It was a cap to what had already been a great year for me, and I was interested from that point forward.

I2-chainz heard that we had J Cole perform here before he blew up as well, and that was all I needed to hear – I had to be a part of this group! After joining as the Social Media Chair for the organization, it became my job to manage all the posts and ads on our social media sites for events throughout the year. These events vary from things like the Fall Fair, Halloween Parties in our newly renovated Pub, Hypnotists, Karaoke Nights, Bonfires, our coveted Spring Concert, and the list goes on. I even got to be a part of bringing 2 Chainz to campus for Spring Concert.

Campus Activities does quite a bit of free trips, and there is ALWAYS a free giveaway available where C.A.B. is involved. We recently filled a bus full of Babson students and sent them to Fright Fest at New England’s Six Flags as well as a Bruins game loaded with free giveaways. So when wondering about what campus life is like on Babson’s campus, think about all that’s available, and remember- I only mentioned what is available through our Campus Activities Board.  There is a whole world of activities available through sporting events, Greek life, and other campus organizations.