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Santiago, Chile Elective Abroad

This Thanksgiving break I was blessed with the opportunity to travel abroad to Santiago, Chile for an elective course focused on contemporary issues in the political, economic, and cultural environment. I got to immerse myself within the culture as we went to different areas and interacted with management teams ranging from large mining companies, nonprofit high schools, and startup technology companies. I also got to interact with locals, and experience being unable to communicate effectively with so many people. This new challenge was an enjoyable and learning experience, and has me craving for another adventure in my life. Here are some pictures from the trip to give a sense of the natural beauty of the land and some of the activities we did during our time there.


This is the mall located 5 minutes away from the hotel that we stayed in. It is also the largest building in all of South America.img_0555









A snapshot overlooking the city of Chile from the top of the mall









A group of us horsebacking along the mountain side








This is snapshot of a wine vineyard that we visited on the last day of the trip, both as students learning about the business side of running the vineyard, and professional wine-tasters