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Advice for Class of 2019

This blog was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Gyda Sumadi ’18

Hey there Class of 2019, this blog post is directed specifically at you!

I want to share my recruiting story with you all…

This semester, I decided to be BOLD and sign up for a full class load while simultaneously working 25 hours a week, between my on campus job and part time internship. All was dandy until October.

I was under the illusion that I could properly balance classes, internships, and interviewing all at once, without compromising and rearranging my schedule. Boy, was I wrong.

I spent my September actively applying to finance summer internship positions, pursuing bulge bracket banks and brand name firms. When October came, I began receiving first round interview requests for almost all of the companies I was pursuing, and I was STILL sending out more and more applications- making sure I hedged myself and diversified the companies and roles to which I was applying.

I did not realize that companies would be calling me in for following second, third and FORTH round interviews. I had only ever participated recruiting with companies who had a one-shot first round interview process. Therefore, I was not aware of how extensive and long the recruiting process would take.

It all started to pile up on me. I had stacked my week to the maximum with classes and work- let’s not forget to mention that all my classes have a group project component- so that’s basically another part time job on top of it all.

My advice to you all is, if you know the industry you want an internship in recruits during a certain semester (for me, it was the fall as I am pursuing finance), try to make that semester on the lighter side for you. Meaning, fewer commitments.

I personally really struggled this semester in terms of working around my employers and my classes. It came to a point where I was rotating what responsibilities I needed to miss that week. One week I would call out from my on campus job while missing a class, and the next week I would speak to my internship employer and reduce my hours. It honestly is difficult to repeatedly feel like you are not delivering on your responsibilities and missing shifts/classes, especially when you need to negotiate around your boss. All of my employers were very understanding, but a lot of my stress this semester came from figuring out this rotating schedule of missing my responsibilities.

Looking back, I definitely would not have taken on working 25 hours a week and a full class load. Give yourself a break and focus on your long term goals, and do not over commit. Sleep is important too.

Stay tuned as I spend even more time negotiating offers, but it all pays off!