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SF Ugrad Alumni Spotlight: Allan Nudelman ’17

“I attained a newfound interest in technology and I am now looking to get into tech as a career path.”

a5Allan participated in the Semester in San Francisco program during Spring ’16.

>> Why did you decide to study in San Francisco?

I wanted to get away and study somewhere different, but I didn’t want to stop learning in the style of Babson. I wanted to continue to take advantage of the Babson professors as well as the curriculum, and I wanted to take classes in Entrepreneurship. San Francisco was the only program that encompassed these priorities.

>> How has being in San Francisco impacted your future career goals?

Being in San Francisco, more than anything, helped me understand a lot more about the world of technology and how it has the potential to shape our future. Yes, everyone knows that already, but being in the middle of it takes the understanding to a whole new level. I attained a newfound interest in technology and I am now looking to get into tech as a career path.


>> Favorite place(s) in San Francisco and things you do for fun?

I didn’t waste any second in my room during the weekends. I went out to do things every single day that I didn’t have class. During spring break, I rented a Scooby Doo van with two other Babson students and we went on a road trip for ten days. We slept in the car and cooked our meals on a small grill for the entire trip. Because of this trip, my favorite place was the road. In California the most fun thing you can do is rent a car and drive anywhere. There is a mobile app called GetAround with which you can rent people’s cars for as low as 5$ per hour, which I did many times. Both close to and far from San Francisco, there are always breath-taking views of mountains, the ocean, sunsets, rocky cliffs, and natural parks.

a6>> Favorite event you attended and why?

My favorite event was the Startup Grind conference. Startup Grind is a company that hosts events around the world and has speakers, panels, and forums. I attended their biggest annual conference in Silicon Valley and I loved it because I got to see the founders of some of the most famous companies (YouTube, Facebook, Instacart, and Thumbtack) and seeing them was truly inspiring.

>> Did you notice anything different and unique about the SF entrepreneurial ecosystem compared to the East Coast?

I realized that people are a lot more laid back and forward thinking. The typical entrepreneur in San Francisco spends a lot more time socializing with other entrepreneurs because there are so many of them. The city is relatively small, so the concentration of companies is dense and therefore people know a lot of people. It is not difficult in San Francisco to be connected to others who may be able to help. The professional environment is also very relaxed – people meet at coffee shops instead of board rooms and wearing jeans and flip-flops to work is not uncommon. The weather is also better!


>> Advice for students interested in spending a semester in San Francisco?

The curriculum is very specific and tailored for the student who is interested in technology and/or startups. My piece of advice would be: if you are interested in going, learn as much as you can about the program and know why it is that you want to go and what you want to get out of it. If you know your motives, you can benefit from all of the opportunities offered in the city besides the Babson classes.

Allan Nudelman ’17 | Finance