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Catching up with Alum Yasmine Sebti ’14

I caught up with Alum Yasmine Sebti ’14 from Morocco. I found out she’s been busy applying her Babson education to entrepreneurial ventures at home; and learning new skills through an MFA in Design and Technology at Parsons in Paris.

Her tips for current students: Take advantage of experiential opportunities while at Babson, follow your passion, and study abroad!

Tell us about your decision to return to Morocco post-graduation:

Upon grayasmineduating from Babson, I first considered working in the U.S. Due to H1-B Visa sponsorship, [I discovered doing so was more difficult than I anticipated]. I  had a few options then: pursuing a Masters degree, doing an internship or going back to Morocco. I chose the latter because I wanted to develop my entrepreneurial skill-set in a fast-evolving, developing economy. This decision was not easy to make, yet totally worth it.
When I arrived back home, I joined some friends in their entrepreneurial venture. In the meantime, I followed my first passion for creative problem solving and launched my startup. Within a little over year, and with these two experiences, I have been exposed to so many amazing learning opportunities, and had a direct impact in helping companies of all sizes design innovative ideas for new products and business solutions.

What’s the advantage of interning in the U.S. even if students are planning to return home after graduation?

Getting some work experience in the US is always valuable, especially if you want to work for a multinational that is implanted in your home country. Also, having experience abroad is always great to open up your perspective about what field you want to work in, and how similar or different this field is in your country.

Do you have any tips for international students to best take advantage of their time in the U.S.?

I highly recommend the MCFE program. It is a great opportunity to get up to speed with the real world, and apply the business skills you are learning to different cultural landscapes.
I have had the chance to work with a global social enterprise that aimed to develop agribusiness in Sub Saharan Africa. It was eye opening to understand the differences in custom and traditions, and how these impacted the way people did business.

Also, one thing I wish I did is to go abroad for a semester. No need to expand on that point 😉