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CCD Open House at Family and Friends Weekend…Next Steps to Engage Your Student

We were delighted that so many parents stopped in to visit the CCD team during Family and Friends weekend. We enjoyed the opportunity to get to know you and learn about our students through a different lens.

We hope you gained insight into the array of programs and services offered through the Undergraduate Center for Career Development. From First Year Fridays, for the newest students on campus, to Career Bootcamp for our seniors, we have developed programming and events that target our students where they are in their career development and provide them with the appropriate career readiness skills and competencies that meet their individual needs.

As we discussed, our career advisors are experienced career coaches across a variety of industry sectors. We are relationship builders and managers that work with both students and company representatives to provide Babson students with the greatest access to professionals in their area of interest and/or opportunities to explore industries and functions. From assessment to securing externships, internships and full time employment, the Center for Career Developments assists our students in navigating the complex college to career journey.

As much as we enjoyed getting to know you, we want to make sure that your students get to know us. Encourage them to participate in CCD events; read our weekly emails highlighting upcoming events and career opportunities; check Career Connections regularly, stop in for walk-ins or make an appointment with an advisor. We want our students to LOVE WHAT THEY DO, so urge them to engage with CCD.