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Kick Start Your Career Journey with CCD!

Hello, class of 2020 and welcome to Babson!

My name is Calvin Wang and I am a sophomore student from Los Angeles, California. I work as a Peer Career Ambassador at the Career Center. Having experienced one full year of Babson already, having worked full time at an internship designing websites and doing SEO this past summer, and now working 3 jobs on campus this year, I would like to pass on some advice on how to best maximize your time, your energy, and find that perfect balance of school, sleep, and fun.

Being a full time student in your first year of college may seem daunting and overwhelming, feelings I can totally understand. I felt nervous and unsure of myself in the first few weeks of college, because at an elite institution such as Babson, most of us who were the biggest fish in high school are no longer that at this school. It may take time for you to really find your place here, but here are some tips to help manage everything.

  1. Use a planner to arrange your day and your week. Make sure to schedule in class, FME meetings, work schedule, and anything else that is on your plate.
  2. Use the CCD’s Resources. Come to our events, such as the Career Expo and other industry spotlights, and, starting this year, we have First Year Fridays to help transition your resume from a high school one to a college focused one.
  3. Get to know your professors! They are all great people who understand what a college student is going through. If you just take the time to communicate and get to know them a little better, they are an invaluable resource to have on your side.
  4. Meet the upperclassmen in your clubs and organizations. Ask them what they did with their summers, how they landed their internship, and what they have planned for their next step in career development.
  5. Get some sleep! We all know that being a college student means that of the triangle between sleep, school, and fun, you get 2 choices, right? WRONG. Get your work done so that you can sleep, and once you are well refreshed, your work gets done more efficiently, leading to more time for fun. It is a great cycle to be in!

What if things get out of hand? Stress is normal, but overtly stressing is harmful and not healthy. Here are some ways to help back in the game in case you feel overwhelmed.

  1. Make a priority list. Have your top 5-10 priorities on this list, include things such as sleeping and eating, and once this list is done, drop any of your activities that did not make the cut. These activities will waste your time and steal your time away from the groups and activities you actually prioritize and care about.
  2. Talk with your RA/Dean/CCD! All of these resources are here on campus to help. Your RA can help you with general advice. Your dean at the Office of Academic Services is there to help plan out your 4 years of classes, and the CCD is always here to help guide your career prep.
  3. Understand the value of what you are learning. Our specialty at the CCD is being able to help apply the knowledge that you gain in the classroom into real world experience.

Lastly, good luck with all that is going on during your First Year. It may seem like a lot, but keep in mind that all of the work you are doing will pay off in the future. Remember this quote that I live by: “Live a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.” We hope to see you at one of our First Year Fridays! If you have any questions, please email us at pcaccd@babson.edu. Take care!