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The Last Day of Work Blues

Today is my last day interning for Viacom, and I find it to be a very bittersweet experience. As I made my way to work this morning I found myself in deep thought as I reminisced about all the great times that I’ve had working this summer, and all the great people I have met as a result. I was sure to tell my regular bus driver and the building security guard that if they did not see me it was because today was my last day, and by just uttering those words I felt a wave of happiness as well as sadness overcome me. Both wished me well as I started my new school year in college and told me what a pleasure it was to have me this summer.

Although I was following my everyday routine, something about today just felt a little different. I spent a little extra time taking in the scenery on my way to work. Also, even the smallest task such as turning on my computer felt very heavy and full of finality. 

The last day of work blues seems to be an inevitable feeling whether it was your dream summer internship or just a job you did for experience and to make extra money. It is important to reflect and value the impact it has made in your life with the lessons you have learned throughout those 6-10 weeks. More importantly, do not forget to thank all those around you who contributed to your summer experience. Keep in touch with them!