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My Final Weeks

Today was my last day with the Melanoma Foundation of New England. I had an awesome experience with my first internship. The entire office was great to work with, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for non-profit experience. During the last few weeks the three interns started to fall into more defined roles. In the beginning we were all managing many different duties, but by the end one of us specialized in a financial role, another was more sales/customer service oriented, and I leaned toward operations of the sunscreen dispensers. It was good to be able to fill all roles in the beginning, but as we started to specialize we noticed how we could get more work done.

Our final task was to write a business plan for the Practice Safe Skin sunscreen dispenser program. Luckily, we were no strangers to business plans because of Babson’s FME course. The business plan was a fulfilling achievement for me. It acted a capstone to my time with the Foundation. It made me feel like I was at least somewhat responsible for how the program would grow after my time with the foundation had ended.

I hope the Melanoma Foundation of New England continues to grow and do good with the community. I am sure that I will still work with them in the future, but for now its time for me to continue my education and get back to life at Babson.