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Unexpected Highlight: Fashion Instillation Presentation

Every time I have a new assignment or event, my stylist was always good about notifying me about it. About a month ago I received an email from Terri requesting that I meet her in the city to discuss few important items she and I needed to brain storm for Boston Fashion Week happening the last week of September 2016. As I excitedly closed her email (as I always did with the rest of them), I looked forward to another eventful day with my stylist ready to learn something new. When the day came for our informal meeting, I sat ready to take notes and feed input on my thoughts on whatever the topic was going to be about. Regardless of my uncertainty of what the topic was, I always felt prepared for some reason…Anyway, when she finally came she sat and told me she had a project she wanted me to work on. Of course immediately I was on high alert for note-taking, but shortly after she mentioned “project” she included “Boston Fashion Week” within the sentence and immediately I was drawn. THIS was the moment I was waiting for! I knew my stylist did work annually with fashion events, but work specifically with Boston Fashion Week was important for me because I was hungering for exposure. All of a sudden, here she was telling that she needed some ideas brainstormed for one of the events within that week and it all pertained to fashion installations. Going into the internship I had zero clue what that meant, but trust me, when the day came for me to present to BID – Boston Business Improvement District committee, I knew EXACTLY what I was talking about. In fact, my stylist loved it so much she told me she’s planning to use alot of my ideas in few events for the week! I was so over-joyed…my ideas actually being implemented and the CEO knew about it?! Goodness can this get any better?! I had the best.internship.ever. Case closed.