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Boston Caribbean Fashion Week and Rhode Island Fashion Show!

The events I have been exposed to have been absolutely AMAZING. One of which was Boston Caribbean Fashion Week which occurred few weeks after the one I facilitated at the genesis of my internship. The only difference between my first fashion show and the one that happened at Boston Caribbean Fashion Week was that I assisted with the first one. With the second one, I sat in and observed all the work that was going into it. Most of the time I spent feeling memorized with the location (which was right by the coast), all the colors, food, advertising, photographers, and models that assumed their positions to pose working together beautifully. As I stood looking out at the water with my camera in hand, I saw my stylist Terri looking at me from a distance speaking to the CEO of Boston Fashion Week. She flashed me a smile and for that moment it’s almost as if she and I thought the same thing. The world of fashion was calling my name.

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To make matters even better, my stylist invited me to a fashion show which took place on a rooftop in Rhode Island. Moments like those and these are what really solidified the fact that a fashion stylist was exactly what I wanted to be. I couldn’t be happier.

The picture taken below was taken at the Rhode Island swimwear fashion show. I’m positioned in the center of the photograph.