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Behind The Scenes Fashion Photo Shoot Experience

I had always wanted to be a part of a photo shoot. Today – now over a month or so ago – I got a serious taste of that! My fashion stylist had told me about it a week in advance (as she always did) and me being me, I was super excited about it. When the day finally came though, I made the sad mistake of wearing shoes that did NOT have good soles. *Rule Don’t Ever Try This*. I assumed that just because they were full shoes I was covered…wrong move. Anyway, aside from that the bulk of my fun came from arriving to the scene 2 hours in advance! Yes, in the fashion world that’s the life for someone who wants to be a fashion stylist. Ya gotta be super early to things! So, I show up and my stylist pulls up with her fully packed jeep with over $300,000 worth of merchandise! I still have no clue how she and I managed to fit everything after pulling clothes from various designers from the prior weeks, but that day I learned that we certainly made it happen! *Important Tip: As a stylist you need to be creative…even when it comes to packing!* Anyway, as time literally flew past, I met with the make-up artists, the photographer (who I came to know very well because she was good friends with my stylist), and of course the models who showed up an hour in advance. It was so cool knowing that everyone there trusted me despite the zero knowledge that I had never worked for a fashion stylist! Well, despite all odds I’m happy to announce that that woman was me! I had such a wonderful time watching as my stylist mixed and matched pieces from different designers to create certain looks. As I stood there watching her work (the ultimate magic), I couldn’t help but smile to myself. This was EXACTLY what I wanted to do – the perfect snapshot of that. Like a sponge, I kept soaking in all the knowledge.

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