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A Fashion Stylist Assistant’s Reflection

As I write, I write having already completed my fashion internship. If there was a way I could compile my experience into a page, I totally would but there’s just no way to do that. My takeaways from this experience have far exceeded my expectations and I am beyond grateful for that. In fact, the idea that I was even able to find this internship myself was its own miracle. This whole experience was exactly what I needed, especially given my high interest in wanting to be a fashion stylist. That being said, I am so over-joyed I was able to gain so much and will be able to shed some of that “amazingness” with my organization Babson Fashion Group. My hopes for that organization go far beyond passing the test as an organization on campus, but an organization that really has passion for fashion in all it’s facets. I know for a fact that my career will entail me working hard as a stylist and potentially starting up my own creative fashion agency, so yes, I really do plan on feeding a lot of that knowledge to my executive board. After my internship interning with my stylist in Boston, I’m 100% confident that styling is what I really want to do. As an entrepreneur I plan on continuing to be an example, a leader, and resource on campus for students who are interested in finding their path within the fashion industry. This summer I really got a taste of that and would love to share that stuff with someone else!