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Getting To Know The Fashion Stylist

It’s amazing how my stylist, Terri, really took the time to get to know me initially before my internship began. Though I was oriented very well my first day on the job facilitating my first ever fashion show, Terri made sure she always set aside time to get to know me and my ambitions. Few days after I assisted in the fashion show, she took me out to California Pizza Kitchen and we had a great sit down. Terri was able to tell me how she became a stylist and all the steps she took to get to where she needed to be. Furthermore into her side of the story, I learned very quickly that being a fashion stylist entailed so much. Not only was the career versatile, but it allowed for much flexibility which I would enjoy! Before talking with Terri, I had a “tunnel prospective” into what the career would offer. After that lunch date, I learned that I could do so much more than individual client consultations. I could, for instance, work for commercial agencies and style people behind the scenes, I could help with event and execution planning when it came to various fashion events, I could work for movie productions and work with characters behind the scenes…the opportunities were endless. That idea and lunch date was the cherry on top for me to continue to pursue my dream of becoming a fashion stylist. This was it.