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Last Day

Today is my last day at Hope and Comfort. I can’t believe that my summer internship is already over and that my senior year is just around the corner.

My internship has been such an amazing learning experience. Not only did I enhance my technical skills, but I also gained a lot of confidence in my workplace presence. I formed wonderful relationships with my coworkers and managers that I look forward to keeping up throughout my senior year and beyond. My networking skills have greatly increased from this internship. I am no longer afraid to send LinkedIn messages to people that I haven’t met in person or follow-up emails when I really want to network with someone. One of the most important things I have learned from this experience is how to advocate for myself and how to effectively share my work. In the past, I have always been afraid to share all the hard work I put into a project because I considered it as showing off or boosting. However, I was really underselling my work by not sharing all that went into the final project that my coworkers and/or managers were seeing. I have now found that walking someone else through the steps that you went through to complete a protect(in a condensed manner) not only allows you to share the work that you did but it also allows your team to see your thought process. This method helps your team collaborate together and make even better decisions for future projects that you do together. I am so happy that I have gained more confidence in speaking up for my work.

I can’t thank Hope and Comfort enough for the wonderful opportunity to intern there and CCD for giving the ability to. Incredibly grateful for this experience!