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27 Outs

Having basically completed my internship for the summer it is now time to reflect on my experience selling Spinners tickets. To do this I am going to look at both the sports side and business aspect, selling tickets.

Looking at the sports side of things first, there is definitely some good and bad. The best part is that you are working for a professional sports team. Working in baseball has been incredibly fun, I have absolutely loved the culture present. Even though we don’t impact the on the field product, you develop a connection to team’s success. The less appealing aspects of working in sports include the workload and pay. Don’t expect to get rich working in sports, the demand for jobs far outweighs the supply. You should also expect to work a lot of hours. There were a couple times I worked 6 straight 12 hour shifts. I even worked over night once sleeping at the ballpark. Free time does not come often.

Now looking to the business aspects of the team I feel I learned a great deal about a career in sales. I’d heard it before, but sales definitely requires you to be self-driven. It is partially a numbers game. You will leave a lot of voicemails, but must keep calling. Sometimes it won’t matter what you say, certain people are going to buy and others won’t. Another trait that I now feel is crucial is to be quick on your feet. You may have researched your call thoroughly beforehand, but there will always be a curve ball and you must be ready to adapt and change your sales approach. Lastly, be creative! No sale will be same, find out what that individual clients needs are and find a solution that your product or service can deliver.

Overall I feel incredibly fortunate enough to have discovered this opportunity with the Spinners. I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my summer with any other company.