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Why did I choose my Particular Internship?

There were many things that I was trying to take into consideration while searching for an internship.  I was looking for an internship where I would be in a great environment, around good people, and be able to learn a lot in a very short period of time about something that interests me. I know that is the generic response that everyone says, but that is really what I was searching for.

My internship is with Tourneau, a major luxury watch retailer, headquartered in Manhattan.  I have a love for watches, so I thought that this would be a great fit for me to learn and enjoy the industry at the same time.  Tourneau, as a whole, is a very large company with all of the retail stores that they have, however, the corporate office is a more intimate environment.  This is a key factor that went into my decision, as I wanted something there I would interact closely with executives, as opposed to just seeing them in passing.  I also wanted to make sure that I was not just going to be a “paper pusher,” and would actually work on projects that were relevant to the organization and would make a potential difference long term.  These are two major factors that some other internships were unable to provide to its interns.