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What do I do with my Life?

Going into my internship, I was set on pursuing a career in finance.  After taking several finance classes throughout my semesters at Babson, I enjoyed most of them, however, several days into my internship, I quickly realized that it wasn’t for me.  At least, in this particular setting, it wasn’t for me. The finance team is great, however, I realized that I would drive myself crazy if I were to stare at Excel all day, every day.  Even though I love working with Excel, analyzing numbers all day, really wasn’t for me.

I am the type of person that likes to have a bunch of different projects going on at once that all require different skillsets and each day is different.  I started talking to the VP of Operations about my background and skillset, and later that day, I became an operations intern at Tourneau.

Now, I had no real idea what this would entail.  All of the jobs I have worked in the past have been operations related, but this was never in a corporate/retail setting.    Regardless, I loved it.  I was not stuck sitting at a desk for eight hours looking at a spreadsheet, but rather spending time going on trips to our different watch stores, working on several projects, and interacting with people; all of which I thoroughly enjoyed!

This goes to show you that, regardless of what one might think they want to do for a job while still in school, that may completely change once you are physically at the job.  I am very glad that I realized finance was not for me while I was only an intern, and had the opportunity to network and take advantage of different opportunities, in an attempt to find something that interests me.