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Internship Search

Career development is most certainly a process that takes plenty of time and dedication in order to find what you are truly looking for in an internship.  My search process took a great deal of time, effort, rejection, and luck.  My internship search really started when I had an “Oh, S$%*@” moment and realized that I’m halfway through my junior year and have yet to land an internship.  This was especially difficult because soon after, all of my friends were starting to begin interviews for their internships.

After that, I began dedicating some time each week searching through Career Connections, LinkedIn, websites, and everything imaginable.  There were many internships that I came across that seemed interesting, so I applied to as many as I could.  Most of the time, I was met with the same standard response of them no longer accepting applications for the position, because I was searching fairly late in the year.  This was extremely disappointing, but I knew that I couldn’t lose hope.

Finally, after much disappointment, I was scrolling through LinkedIn one day, and saw a post from a company that I followed about job opportunities in one of their stores.  I clicked on the link and explored the recruiter’s profile.  I soon realized that she is a Babson Alumni!  I reached out to her asking if they offer an internship program, and after a few phone calls, I had an internship all lined up for the summer.  It was the weirdest, by chance occurrence, as I never would have imagined that it could be that simple: no application, no formal interview; just a few conversations and the connection of a Babson Alumni.  I’m now excited to start my internship!