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How My Values Have Changed and Developed at YWCA

When I first joined the YWCA Hartford Region team I was anxious to dive into the non-profit world and discover if the non-profit environment was right for me. I valued the driven ideas of the employees here to empower women and eliminate racism. Along with their mission, I believed in YWCA’s passion to provide equity for all by involving the local community in humbling conversations about the important and controversial topics and events our world is currently facing today. I went into this summer internship motivated, excited, and nervous about how I would perform in the non-profit environment. 

After many weeks working with the great employees at YWCA, I’ve discovered how my values have changed since I started. It’s bittersweet to realize that you’re not built to be a part of the non-profit world – I’ve always and still do hold a strong value to help others the same way those who work for a non-profit do, but it’s become clear to me that I need a more fast paced environment then a non-profit can offer. I wouldn’t say my values have changed, but that they have developed. I’ve developed a better idea of the type of place I’d fit well in for a career after graduation and that’s a great takeaway from an internship, isn’t it? I’m still a young women who values the elimination of racism and empowerment of women, but I’ve developed the value to empower myself to take control of my future career and find an environment that best suites me.