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Before starting my internship at Endeavor Brazil, I did not expect that that by knowing people who do not work at Endeavor, I would be able to know different career paths and companies so closely.

Last week I travelled to a city near Florianopolis, called Joinville, with some local entrepreneurs to visit two companies. However, because I have been working on a project with ContaAzul, an ERP SaaS, I spent most of my day at their company.

I had the privilege of having two meetings with the CEO of ContaAzul, and both meetings gave me a hint of how is to be the CEO of a company. Although I do not plan on running a business for now, it was definitely a good experience to see the routine of a professional who is in charge of a company. It looks very challenging, but making the company grow and impact people’s lives also seems to be worth the price. Also, due to my project with ContaAzul, I have been able to learn about what a SaaS investor does. I have learned that it involves a lot of analysis, to ensure that investing on a certain company is a very well informed decision, and there is a lot of pressure in this process.

Besides the meetings, I also had a tour in the company, which was quick but enough for me to see how their company culture shaped the employees talked to each other, got dressed, and worked in their working spaces. It was definitely different from the other companies I visited, so it was very interesting to see the contrasts.

ContaAzul in Joinville, Brazil.

                                                      ContaAzul in Joinville, Brazil.