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Finding your Pitch

My internship in the Spinners ticket office has been a blast and incredibly educational. Working in sales is a long cumulative adventure, where every sales call builds on the previous one. Sales certainly offers many challenges, but is equally rich in its rewards.

Leaving voicemail after voicemail is anything but fun. However, it is crucial that you remain determined and believe that the next call will lead to a successful sale. I’ve learned that some people are naturally inclined to buy, while others won’t budge regardless of what you say. It is for this reason why you need to keep calling, the next person may love your product, but doesn’t yet know it exist. I’ve had clients call me back and make a purchase weeks after I left them a voicemail. You never know when an opportunity will arise. You must always be ready to sell and completely knowledgeable about your product or service.

The primary benefit of sales is obvious, commission. You are rewarded for how hard you work. Being an effective salesman is much more than just getting a high volume of calls completed. You must figure out what the client wants to get out of a purchase, beyond the product itself. It is important to bring to light all the different ways that your product or service adds value that they haven’t thought of yet. Roughly 2 full months into my internship I would argue that 2 of the most valuable traits for a salesperson are determination and creativity.