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SF SVP Silicon Valley Trip!


This week our SVP teams ventured to Silicon Valley and toured 500 StartupsFacebook, and Google! The treks introduced everyone to the entrepreneurial ecosystem outside of San Francisco. It was an immersive experience and each location had their own unique personality. In fact, many compared Facebook to Disneyland and immediately noticed Google’s convenience in making mundane tasks like haircuts, car washes, and laundry very easy for the employees.


Babson alum Tanya Soman kindly hosted our teams at 500 Startups, a global venture capital seed fund and startup accelerator. Some of our entrepreneurs expressed interest in applying for 500 Startups after Summer Venture Program! #500STRONGximg_4591img_4503It was a great opportunity to experience the vibrant, inclusive, and collaborative energy at each office. Silicon Valley is a hub of innovation and everyone enjoyed learning about each company’s story of entrepreneurship.

Thank you to our host Neil @ Google, Yada @ Facebook, and Tanya @ 500 🙂