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Last Minute Trip to Dallas

While doing laundry last Saturday I received this text message from my boss at State Traditions:

1:35pm: George – would you be available to catch a flight to Dallas this afternoon to attend the Dallas market show? We have run into a bit of a problem with our crate and have to get product to Dallas today/tomorrow.

I responded:

1:35pm: Yes, I can make that work.

My boss then called me to work out some logistics. I quickly threw some clothes and a tooth brush into my backpack and drove over to the office.

My boss and I then proceeded to fill a duffle bag with necessary samples for the Dallas Market Show.

After about ten minutes we left for the airport where I negotiated my way onto a 3:45pm flight to Dallas (we arrived at the airport at 3:10pm).

In Dallas I helped the sales team set up the display booth with the samples I brought in my duffel bag. Here is a photo:


Overall, the trip was exciting and I learned a lot the following day when the sales reps met with potential wholesale buyers!