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Be That “Annoying” Intern

This title may mislead you to think of annoying in a negative connotation. When I write “annoying,” I am referring to the attitude of one who’s driven by curiosity and the innate desire to learn. This often results in many questions in the workplace.

It’s good to ask a lot of questions! In fact, it’s impressive. Naturally, when we catch ourselves asking many questions, we get self-conscious and assume we are being “annoying.” But in the workplace, this is exactly what you need to do in the short 2-month internship. Sometimes, even if I’m confident I understand how a system works, I will still double confirm, ask the same question to different employees to gain a different perspective. Every person absorbs information differently and you never know, that one employee may have something unique and intelligent to share.

Of course, you want to ask intelligent questions. And in doses. Don’t bombard that employee next to you with questions every 2 minutes. Try to figure out if you can scout the answer to any technical questions yourself first. Remember, you are participating in an internship to learn. Your supervisor won’t know what you DON’T know unless you ask questions. So, ask away!