Undergraduate Blog / Career Development

Time Management

As I have been working I have learned a lot about maintaining a new type of schedule. At Babson we have a lot more free time to figure everything out but now I have to learn how to make the most of my minimal free time. I have had to learn how to prioritize certain tasks and learn how to multitask. I am very thankful for my long commute in the morning and afternoon because it forces me to plan out my days and weeks. I also have time to catch up on email when I have wifi.

When I am at work I can be assigned multiple tasks at once so I have also learned how to prioritize those tasks and complete them as quickly as possible. Some of my assignments can take longer and I have learned that if I have the time it is easier for me to break it into parts. Other tasks are super quick and enjoyable for me and they seem to fly by way too quick. I am learning to take the good with the less interesting and try to focus on the bigger picture of my task and how it is helping the company as a whole. Focusing on the bigger picture is really helping me stay motivated throughout the process. While it can be difficult to motivate myself when I just focus on the task at hand, the part of the larger project that I am working on is always very interesting and something that reminds me of what I have learned at Babson.