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At work, some days it feels easy to get overwhelmed. I enjoy my work but some days there is a lot of it and some tasks take longer than anticipated. In addition, I have an intern project that I am supposed to be working on every day. Some days I come home burnt out because I feel I don’t stop but I always feel as if I learn something. Some days I feel as if I don’t even have time for lunch. I have learned that during these times I need to just relax and make a plan.

I have also learned that taking to my bosses helps because they understand that at times things can get overwhelming. I have never had any trouble getting my work done on time, sometimes I may just have to take it home with me so I can work on it for a little longer. I have been learning that as an intern the work I do really does affect the rest of the company. I feel that at the end of this summer I will have a better understanding of exactly what post-grad life has in store.