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Little Bit of Everything

Working at a small non-profit comes with many exciting benefits, including the ability to have your hands in almost every aspect of the business. When I started at Hope and Comfort I expected to wear different hats, as it is a small start-up, but I never expected that I would be able to do as much as I have so far!

I especially never thought that I would be doing as much research and data analytics as I have been. Google Forms and Google Analytics have been my best friend over the past couple of weeks as I am working on sourcing products from larger organizations. In addition to working on corporate partnerships, I ave been doing a lot of work on community drives in the Newton area to maintain a steady flow of products coming into the door as well as engaged volunteers in the community.  I have gotten to do a little accounting using QuickBooks too!

Whenever I need a break from the computer, I can always help out with our volunteers. Just this week we counted 18,000 toothbrushes donated from a close out buyer near by. This brought us to over 200,000 products donated since the organization started!

It’s really exciting to have such a variety of work to do during my internship!