Undergraduate Blog / Career Development


When I first started at Hope and Comfort, I was the only intern. This had its pros and cons just like everything else. I loved that I was able to work in all areas of the business from sourcing, distribution, and corporate relations.  However, being the only intern was lonely and was very hectic all the time.

Just last week we had two new interns start which has been really amazing! We all have very different backgrounds and skills which has made collaboration very fun and fruitful. We’ve been able to split up the projects by skill and interest level, but we all jump in when someone needs help or when we want to learn a new skill. I love that we can all share feedback in a respectful way that helps each other grow. It’s also nice to have two new buddies to take a walk with when we need a mental break from work.

Even though Babson has a lot of group projects, working with non-Babson students has taught me different skills and new ways to approach problem solving. I love hearing about the culture at their universities and what their plans are after graduation. I have found that our work, when we collaborate, is much better since we get to bounce ideas off of each other and criticize it from different viewpoints.

I look forward to continuing learning from them and becoming closer friends as the summer comes to an end.