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Sworn In: NJ Notary Public

My coworker and I walked out of the office and headed to the county clerk’s office in the middle of the day.

When we were having dinner together with a couple of other coworkers the other night, the head of the real estate department suggested that we become notary publics. We both applied afterwards, and were invited to the county clerk’s office to be sworn in within a week or two after we submitted our application.

As this was my first time coming near the county clerk’s office, I was very excited about my visit. After going through two levels of security, we arrived at the passport division, where pre- notary publics were sworn in and certified. The process took about 15 minutes, which was faster than I had imagined. When we came back to the firm with our notary certificates, everyone in the office congratulated us, as they had seen our schedule to get sworn in on the firm’s calendar.

Looking back at this experience, I am still amazed at the amount of experience I gained from this internship, even while grabbing meals with my coworkers. I would not have applied to become a notary public, nor would I have visited the county clerk’s office if I did not intern in such an environment where everyone truly wants to contribute to each other’s growth and development.