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Inventory and Sales!

I had another successful week down in Birmingham interning at State Traditions!

The company is upgrading their inventory tracking software and it has been interesting to witness this important pivotal shift. The entire office spent a few days in the warehouse counting product inventory to assure its accuracy in the new system. While counting inventory, Professor Wain’s catch phrase, “inventory is evil” ran through my head numerous times. I will certainly continue to reference his lessons in managerial accounting regarding excess inventory and its impact financially on a company.

Just yesterday, another intern and I ran a State Traditions booth during a local corporate event in Birmingham. Our goal was to obtain lead for custom corporate apparel orders. Throughout the day, we found it helpful to first start a conversation with potential buyers instead of simply pitching our custom products.

Overall, these last couple of weeks at State Traditions have been extremely insightful and I look forward to applying these lessons to my own apparel business.

Here is a photo of the warehouse!