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Life in the Clubhouse

During my junior year I had the fortunate opportunity to participate in one of Babson’s MCFE projects, something I would highly recommend for every Babson student. Through primary research conducted, my team and I found that our generation overwhelmingly prefers a good company culture to good pay. At the Spinners I have loved the company’s culture since day one.

The company culture that I have experienced while working for the Spinners is unlike anything that I pictured it to be. I always imagined that going work in a a company office was serious business, and that having fun was secondary.  Life at the Spinners is serious business, but is equally fun and casual. While everyone works extremely hard to ensure that the fans leave every game with a smile, we never hesitate to add some laughter to our work day.

My colleagues and I, each of us has our own nickname, are constantly joking around with one another and the fans themselves. Additionally, we all get invested into each games specific theme with the fans as well, be it dressing up or helping set up the park that night. Star Wars night was a personal favorite of mine as I temporarily got to be a Stormtrooper for a day. On non-games days T-shirts are also the norm and the expectation.

Fun things are always happening at Lelacheur Park! Just the other day our GM got a helicopter ride over the park and I got to partake in batting practice. When the staff is having a great time it is much easier to project a positive attitude towards our customers. At the Spinners we aim to use baseball as a vehicle to provide affordable family fun to all, the staff is no exception to that expectation.