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Communication Tools

Communication is necessary in every aspect of life especially in the workplace. I have come to realize that working at a small company makes communication a lot easier than at a large company. At Araks, there really are not any divisions or departments. Everyone does everything and everyone helps everyone out. If I needed help, I am able to walk straight up to a person and ask for help. This is also what adds to the company culture.

I believe that the most important tool we use to communicate is DropBox. DropBox makes it super easy for us to share files among all the computers at the office. I have always used Google Drive to collaborate on projects and thought it was a god send. But Drop Box really tops Google Drive. Another aspect of the company that Drop Box allows us to easily do is to archive company information. There are years of information saved which is used by almost everyone at the company. The public relations people have to pull up previous line sheets to see if we’ve made something a magazine wants for a photo shoot. Or if a certain item is currently at a different publication, they have to find something similar to fulfill the request. As for me, Drop Box is where we can find throw back photos for Instagram or Facebook. Also, it is where we store the online store reports we make and the social media reports.