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Bridging Passions

I want you all to recall your favorite memory, and then think of the song associated with it. Looking out from the 22nd floor of the newly designed Madison Avenue building, we are given our first task. As we go around the room, the stories range from featuring as an extra in Justin Bieber’s “Baby” video, to a Britney Spears’ impersonator who sang “Oops I did it Again” at an 18th birthday party. While the stories vary, a common theme emerges: music has the power to transcend time and boundaries. It evokes emotion and provides us a medium through which we can re-live our memories. Just think how bland life would be without it…

The first live performance I ever attended was at Fenway Park, and it just so happened that my dad was the bass player in the main stage band. From that point on, I knew I wanted to experience that feeling I saw in my dad’s eyes. Growing up and listening to Stevie Wonder and Earth Wind & Fire by the age of ten, I knew music would always play a major role in my life. As I went through high school, I started playing live shows, but never thought music would necessarily find a place in my career.

March 2016. Opportunity knocks. Sony Music offers me an internship in the Global Finance department. This opportunity allows me to bridge both my creative and academic passions. Sony Music is the place where commitment to music, creativity, and innovation is necessary. Going to shows, attending events, and meeting people within the label groups is essential to fully understanding the company and its mission. We were advised not to simply go through the motions of the internship, but to experience it; Live it!