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Expectations vs Realities – NYC Fashion Internship

In my previous post, I shared with you that I spent a month learning the fundamentals of sewing to adequately prepare for the internship. In turn, I had my expectations for this internship. Let’s examine how things actually turned out in these 5 weeks at Rebecca Taylor.

  1. Girls in the industry are backstabbers. Reality: They are one of the nicest people in the company.

2. Internship is project-based. Reality: Given the nature of the industry, it’s impossible to give a substantial project to interns. Although it was not what I hoped for, shadowing Production Managers is equally as valuable.

3. Cost is the highest priority. Reality: Since RT is a smaller brand that takes most pride in their design, the Production team works around Design team’s visions to achieve the gross margin goal. As opposed to other fashion companies, RT’s Design team definitely has more power in the company than Merchandising/Production.

Thanks for reading!