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Small Team but Great Culture

Now a few weeks into my internship I have been able to work with or interact with most of the members on the YWCA Hartford Team. As a nonprofit organization YWCA does not have a lot of employees for their team. Although the team is small, there’s still a lot of work to do, but the great culture really helps to keep everyone motivated and working hard. I also have the opportunity to work with another intern. Ths other intern works very differently from me, but we work very well together. We’ve been able to work efficiently on projects together and create some great outcomes. 

I have found that the people I work with take their work seriously but also like to have a good time. I appreciate this office culture because I look forward to going to work every day. I know that I can reach out to anyone on the staff with any questions I may have. I’ve also been able to talk to some co-workers about my how to prepare for my own future. I’ve been given a ton of advice about what I should be paying attention to when looking for jobs. I’ve also learned helpful tips for moving up in my career like paying attention to the way people work and how that may be different than the way I work and also being open minded to new opportunities. The people at YWCA are more than willing to help me grow and succeed and despite how small the organization is, I’m grateful for how much they have to offer.