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YWCA Supports My Goals

Going into this internship with YWCA Hartford Region I established some goals for myself personally, for during my internship, and for my professional development. For myself personally I wanted to be sure I worked on trying to understand other members of the team of employees I’m working with and how they work. I have always been extremely task oriented and it is important to me that I start to recognize if others do not work in the same way I do. One internship goal I have is to network with everyone I meet. YWCA has a small team of employees, but we also work with outside companies and organization so I think it would be great for me to do my best to network with all of the people I meet throughout this internship. My goal for my own professional development is to learn how marketing and leadership can run fluidly together. My passions for both marketing and leadership have pushed me to find how the two can work together in order to find a career that integrates the two. 

When I began my internship with YWCA Hartford Region, my supervisor asked me what my goals were for the summer. Since telling her what I really wanted to gain from this internship, I have received nothing by support from every member of the YWCA team. My supervisor will check in with my daily to see where I’m at and always provides me the opportunity to ask questions or provide feedback. She also provides feedback to me to help push me to do better. YWCA has also given me the opportunity to network with members at Aetna while working with them on a capstone project. YWCA includes me in all meetings with Aetna and are constantly introducing me to new people.

I hope to continue working on these goals with the support of YWCA for the rest of the summer. Who knows what opportunity will come next!