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San Francisco Summer Venture Program Showcase (Aug 4)


Join us as we celebrate the inaugural San Francisco Summer Venture Program at their Showcase. In this culminating event, 11 startups will present their business ventures and accomplishments. We hope to see you there!

Date: Thursday August 4th

Time: 5:30-9 PM

Location: Mozilla (2 Harrison St. San Francisco)


**The Summer Venture Program supports the most promising entrepreneurs from Babson College. The 10 week program provides participants with co-working space, advisors, a community of like minded entrepreneurs, and other valuable resources to accelerate their business.

teams row

Here are the startups:

Shelfie (Brendan Barbato ’17) is an interactive and targeted marketing platform that creates crowd-funded photo competitions for charities

Kiwi International (Michael Corkrum ’15) adds a high protein and micro-nutrient supplement to Gari (cassava flour, the staple food in Nigeria) and rice for locals in West Africa

Let’s Go Hustle (Gustavo Diaz ’17) is a speaker event series that connects brilliants minds of our generation

Scootybees (Carey Fan M’12) is a safe, convenient and reliable rides-sharing transportation for your children’s before and after school activities

Modification Post (Philip Motto ’18) is an automotive social media platform that publishes crowd-sourced content

Grow (Michael DeMaria M’15 and Alex Meek M’15) is an automated investment service application exclusively focused on Socially Responsible Investing

DayPop (Jonathan Kong M’17) recommends events tailored to the individual’s needs and interests and analyzes the data to increase the quality and quantity of events in the area

SCB by Motiontron (Tejesh Makanawala M’14) is a smart circuit breaker (SCB) that avoids line shut down by predicting failure ahead of time and helps prevent manufacturing machine downtime

Earth Loans (Joe McHugh M’17) makes market leading, environmentally friendly technologies affordable by adjusting rate and term of the loan; the first target is geothermal energy

Brown Bag (Ashwin Mysore M’14) is a mobile app that makes it easy for people within a company to have lunch together

DeTour (Dinesh Rajasekhar M’17, Sarath Chandran M’17, and Dishank Kukreja M’17) is an interactive online platform that gives an experience to travelers by exposing them to the indigenous spirit of a place and helping them connect with and befriend a local of the place