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There are so many corny life quotes I swear by. Careerwise, it would be: choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life. Thank you Confucius. It sounds so simple. Just follow your dreams and everything will work out in the end. I’ve been thinking about how the world does not operate like that anymore. If given the choice, not a single person would choose a job they are not happy at. Yet, there are millions of people out there counting down every second of everyday that they work.

Growing up, there was no question about it. I had to become successful or else all the sacrifices my parents had made would go to waste. But how exactly is success measured? By the money or benefits my job can provide me or by my eagerness to go to work everyday? For me, the answer is clear. I would rather wake up everyday with a smile on my face, ready to contribute to a company. I would rather leave my job every evening loving it more than the evening before. If I continue down this path, I know that things will go well for me. Everything will work out in the end.

We were sending out the Araks 2016 lookbook today and there were many familiar names within the list of recipients. There is no doubt that those people worked extremely hard to get to where they are at. At the same time, it probably would not have been possible without the support from colleagues. I have come to realize how massive all aspects of the fashion and beauty industry are. For every Karl Lagerfeld, there thousands of individuals working to carry out his vision.  There are so many people behind the scenes whose names do not immediately ring a bell. For right now it is okay if Sophia Zhu does not ring a bell. It may one day.