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The Perks of Working in Media

I am now about three weeks into my internship, and it’s been great! I have settled into a comfortable routine and have completed numerous tasks. To name a few, I did episode building of the show “Jail” to be published on the website, watched episodes of the hit show “Bar Rescue” to find good clips, and simply shared my opinion on an MMA highlight reel to be reviewed by my supervisor who is a senior sports producer. It’s been a pretty eyeopening experience to see what goes into delivering consumers content.

As an intern for Viacom, I have been given numerous opportunities to meet powerful people and also have fun. So far, I got free VIP tickets to The Nightly Show which is a comedy show revolving around politics. I am also looking to possibly attend a forum with their marketing and ad sales professionals to learn about their career paths and what it took to get their current position.

There is no doubt that Viacom fosters a good balance between summer fun and having a productive internship experience. I know I will definitely have plenty more good things to share in the next two weeks!