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Sunscreen, Observation, and Golf

Working with the Melanoma Foundation of New England has been a great experience so far. The office has a collaborative atmosphere, the employees are great, and I really feel like I am contributing in a small space. The past week I have been busy working with the office and other interns, Wyatt and Jasmine, to observe sunscreen dispensers, and planning for the Foundation’s annual golf tournament.

This past Wednesday Wyatt, Jasmine, and I traveled to the Boston Common to see how people use MFNE’s dispensers. We took valuable notes and imputed data about users regarding their age, gender, and the amount of sunscreen they used. This, in addition to time and location, will help us figure out how to better market the dispensers to city recreation departments, organizations, and businesses. Observing on the Common was a great way to get out of the office, but it also helped me to see how qualitative data needs to be obtained when it is not collected through online surveys or calls. Without people to actually observe the dispensers, the Foundation would have to rely on their own intuition, which we know is not always is correct.

The same week I was also busy with the event coordinators preparing for the Foundation’s second largest fundraiser, the annual golf tournament and auction. This event has helped the Foundation to fund programs such as the sunscreen dispensers, student education, and support for melanoma patients. The tournament at Boston Golf Club and Black Rock Country Club contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars from big donors. Being able to experience the public side of nonprofit fundraising was an unforgettable experience. It showed how people are willing to donate their money and time to a worthy cause, and being able to assist in the planning was fulfilling as an intern.